Cristian is a self-taught Chicana portraiture artist. She was raised and continues to reside in Oxnard, Southern California. Inspired by her Mexican heritage and the human condition, Cristian infuses her art with a unique blend of passion and introspection, inviting viewers to explore the depths of identity and emotion.


Bell Arts Factory, Ventura, CA, La Pasion de Frida, June 2024

Ventura County Hall of Administration’s Atrium Gallery, Ventura, CA, April 2024

ArtBar LA, Los Angeles, CA, Amor Sin Fronteras, February 2024

Art is Passion Gallery, Ventura, CA, October 2022

CRLA Tardeada, Los Angeles, CA, September 2022

Art Share LA, Los Angeles, CA, Inside Out, September 2022

Plaza de la Raza, Los Angeles, CA, Artistas Para Siempre, July 2022

Self Help Graphics & Art, Los Angeles, CA, Art Festival, May 2022


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